Behind the Door

Behind the door there winds a stair -
A stair to a place - I'll take you there -
Give me your hand and close your eyes.

A high, far tor, high and far,
I'll take you to a world spread out
Beneath the moon in green and gold

Where yew trees bloom and white birds race
On ice-cold wings in the startling blue
And the blue boy sings - give me your hand.

I'll take you there and a rose will bloom
Without a thorn.

I need a key to free the wood,
Give me your hand, give me a word
To break the spell that holds us bound

And the stars will go out one by one
As time rolls back its dominion.

In that pure white stone, in stone of white,
The walls are bare, smooth to the touch,
The air is sweet there

Where lightning cracks and rain streams down
Where the dawn holds back and the war is won.

To the wind on your face, to the stars in your eyes
To the sun within, to the stone of the wise.

Close your eyes and close your eyes, 
Catch truth in your hand, wield the hazel wand
And the moon will set and the seas will rise

And the land will throb, the lost cry out
On a wide, straight shore where goddesses pout 
And preen and ignore the angels dreaming.

In the deeps of the sea, of a Spring once green,
Of eternity the tree will grow, high and strong 
With the power of good and one will step forth

From the sleeping wood to make time new
To recaim all, to wash our dirt and make all things
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