The University was
lit up like a
beacon against the
sky tonight as
I passed by
taxi-ing - and
on the other
side of the world the
swimmers are  swimming
in blue waters under
blue skies the  
rawness of
Australia in their veins.
I am all eyes - I
despise the life I'm
living this
place I breathe. I think of
my own personal
Galilee - the
hills of home; and
swallow hardships like
jagged little pills that
with any luck will
put me to sleep
so I can
dream of stars and
silence, the bark
of the deer and so
be there in that
fragrant air the
hanging moon  a
crystalline form -
there is no norm now,
no fleece no
slippers no
place of ease.  I
yearn for peace, the
hills' heartsease.
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