Bargain Basement

I don't know what to do
I don't know how  to be
I don't know where to go
Do  you want to be rne?
I can swop for you
If you'll let me, then you
Can  live with this colour of
Black, this hard largeness,
With  such smooth tall hands
And  walls of stone, these steel-backed
Days  of grey
Making  a frame
For  darkness growing inward
Invading the head like a smog.
Can  I swop?
Then  I'll be free and I'll shrug
Off  my lead-filled jacket pockets
And  I'll be so light and
Happy  I can fly and
Drink  rose and blue for
Tea.   I'll be free.
Does  anyone want to be me?
I'm  giving myself away
Today.   Cheap at the price.
Why   don't you buy and
Be  nice.
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