this is fun
this gurgling
sitting on the carpet
all alone

this tastes sour
this ring
if i try to chew
my  tooth hurts it hurts my gums

my  eyes are round
i know
clear blue
i have so much to take in

and all taller than me

and i can sing
if i want to

but what do i do with you?
you are  big and bold and bright
and i like you fine
you light-up at night when i switch you on
but what part of the design
are you  - where do you fit in?
do  you know?
maybe  i could throw

you away  over there see you spin
i know  you rattle
when  you're shook
but you  spooked me  good too

and i know  you don't know
you hit me  in the face
made  me  cry forever

i've gone all quiet and sore
in the face of this
your  brassy presence, you're a dilemma
that's what you are

maybe   it's time someone else picked me up
i'm needing fed
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