Another Departure

I hear nothing except
The  fire's pop and stutter
Of  unsteady flame
And  the
One  wild call of a
Seagull on the wing, lonely,

Pale light streams
Through  the bannisters
Invades the dark spaces
Under  the stair
And  I sit here, fingers of
Gold fall softly on my hair

Listening to nothing
But  my thoughts
Calling to and fro across
This empty  room,  i
Trespass, suddenly a
Stranger in this cosy
Gloom,  I feel heretical,

Alive, intense, strange the
Twist  of life, feel the
Bite sink deep, 1 am stung
By  this awakening, have been
Forced  from sleep, this

Slap in the face
Snaps  a time of slackness, a
Lack of sense.  I will
Leave  this place I
Hear excitement whisper
At my  shoulder very near
Very insecure

And  there's one other
Odd  thing too: I realise
I'll miss our marble bathroom
Far more  than I'll miss you.
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