Anger I

These puerile, pompous, pretentious men
when they don't include us in their debate
definitely breed some kind of hate
that will, one day, revisit them.

They always think they're right even when they're not.
What can we say - pax?  We've already tried that
and it didn't send us any more rights, we've had to fight
for every gain, suffered pain and fright,

been driven insane - and the centuries roll on and after all,
in the overall scheme of things we don't matter a fuck
it's all a question of luck 
as long as some of us are having a ball

and following their true will at the expense of others,
the rest of us don't matter -
the Aeon wouldn't weep for those who seek a better
life for the living now, why bother?

Who gives a damn anyhow?  This message from the heart
asks for life, not merely subsistence
we're talking about the whole human race, not one part,
not basic existence for the female majority, who will resist

this oppression.  What you have given us is not enough
so take this warning, in the new day coming, our dearth
of rights will be fought  and we will blow you away with one puff.
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