These are lurching, grinding days
with jagged paths and jagged ways
the body moves now fast, now slow
with steps that say not far to go

and you will wake with peace of mind
see - her face is smiling, kind
you should not be somnambulant
these days are gifts, are heaven-sent

no need to cut the hands and wrists
remember all those hugs, those kisses
all the words of love you've known
you must now reap what you have sown

and carry on both proud and well
with strength, heart, belief and skill
you cannot stumble, give up now
for you are loved more than you know

you cannot come before your time
your days are roses, taste of wine
your heart is sore, fingers weak
you cast about for what you seek

but do not know the meaning yet
of life and loss, of give and take
but you must move the breath in you
to stand and walk and to yourself be true.
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