A kind of human

Murder, mayhem, madness, money
gleefully blasted
anything but funny
cultured voices uncaring -
innocent after all - we're only

Bold flashes of vivid colour dying, 
still-warm human incident lying, 
cold tragedy seeps insidious
and catching - abuse mountain
claws, insatiable, star-snatching,

profitable and greedy, an easy
gathering of willing sinew
ignoring the needy
ignoring the few.

Those whispered promises of gold
hollow as they touch, smoothly
cut the bone - we become
products of our own imagination
ignore all that does not have
the scent of gain - disinterested 

observers of others' lives,
precarious, glittering towers that
totter and rot, unbalanced by the power inside
balance on a phalanx of putrid plinths,
brittle-dry and petrified.

Concrete animals of glass and steel
infinitely desirable, formed of false aims,
smooth smiles, dull all feeling
decay rises like a steam, penetrating
blunting the white wild crocus dream 

while the cloned casting-blind believers
fester - hotly debating
a kind of human
hard to find.
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