Well, here I am again, in another little but and ben
full of material things that don't matter a damn,
it's all a sham anyhow, as we plough through loads of money
and flatter ourselves that we've got it well taped,
each one of us a duplicate of the other - 
why do we bother to feather our nests with
washing machines, cookers, kettles, fridges,
we're all hookers to the best mass market nudges,
we've lost our mettle, our innate sense of the ridiculous
we take this race so seriously, keeping pace
with meticulous attention
so that our lives aren't complete without a video recorder
or the next new invention -
we can't compete in the order of things if we don't go one
better than the person fettered next door -
after all, isn't that what life's for?

What about a bit of subversion,
a diversion towards dignity, sanity, warm human 
relations, appreciation of nature
and an immediate end to selfish libations?
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