Flashes of you
Burst across my  mind like   ... 
Sparks spat from a fire
You  shower, ethereal, spray '   ;
My  thoughts with fiery shards
Of what  you are: I catch        .-.
A  sudden slant of face        -..-.
A  glance
The habit of your hands   - .
Your  restlessness           -.- .
I see your grin that comes    . .
Easy  as summertime           ..--- :
See the little devil lurking  -: -,.
In your  glinting eyes.  > -: .- .."

You  rise in my head like  '
Steam, moist, nourishing      . :-
A  loaf of new-baked bread     .. ,-.-
But when  I wake                  
From  this hectic dreaming      .-:
Fey,  misplaced, I know
The deed  is done
And  you are gone.

Yet you  linger on           . - .
Here, inside
Make  me  blind with all this
Inward-turning  sight to where our
Paths crossed and you        ,  ..
Took  mine.

I bask in the aftermath  .    . -:
You  left behind, serene  . .   : -
Yet forlorn
Engrossed  in the strangeness
Of  the net that fortune strung
To  catch a star
And  pull it down

And  I still burn
From  the  conflagration.     ' .. .
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