After I

fey and dangerous the
edge it calls is
near me as I sit
the settee the chasm the
sedge and no birds singing
seek wise eyes that
know that pose no
threat and show
all of life the vast
ocean inside swaying -
fey and dangerous the
sigh, the real room
fades and danger
beckons, voices
craving back to
sunlight and fire, climb
higher see the
flash from the grass
message of love low
to high, sore legs and
grappling like a
sigh she was gone
and in silence
and no voice
feel the fey cast of
life live and
dangerous, the
walk in the streets,
no parallels
no substitute
for speech she
came and went
swallowing years
with her flight
and us left below
to walk the days
slow in lament and
missing, if only
if only the time
to reclaim and
make right again
hefted the transition
the familiar palm
rings glinting
the fears they
pour there with her
joy her laughter
and me further
out than she can
reach to teach to
teach me how to live
on after
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