A daily poison to be drunk

and labelled 'one each hour'
each minute flying in the vein
the insane eye looks out unseeing
at the sky, the trees,
inside disease and no use for
hand or limb.

	Skies grow dim but you
	don't see and night comes
	down and still you sit as
	winking lights come on, in the town
	the traffic dies.

Dry your eyes, oh dry them,
your tears may wet the desk
but loss is loss
and salted water
won't make her spring
from dirt, all seasoned
well, and back among us
smiling -
the missing spell is laid
on you and carry it you must
until you follow on -
you cannot fight decrees
from higher up,
there is no parley here
that will appease,
all air is free but from you
they take it
when least expected 
so it goes.

	And so you slide and sit 
	all quiet  
	as light travels across the sky
	and darkness covering the day
	comes down - slowly	
	you stiffen
	your curtains shut
	a signal mute and understated
	waiting to be found.
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