A Tutorial on his own

Always first in with opinion
your adam's apple
moves like a loose glottal stop
old hawk eyes
and just as preying
never refrain from saying
exactly what you think
that thin London accent
draws out poetry
like a piece of gut-string

your brain, alive, sharp
always thinking, winks
on, off, on, off, with ego and
arrogance that makes
your intellect too top-heavy
for that thin skin and bone to

oh hollow man full of thought
but no feeling, how you
like being erudite
like to quote 
make damn sure you know
all things
we don't
the first to talk connections
and intertextuality or the
selfish gene - the plagiarism
of the widely read

and with a drink you become
a boor - loud, insensitive
smutty jokes, male one-liners
your forte, anything to do with
sex gets tossed
onto the table - obvious
you're not getting any -
and thump that wood, thump it,
make the silver ring
jump its fraction in the air -
can't stand the atmosphere -
those eagle eyes change
from green to amber
and I leave before I
turn red, say things
to your hawk's face
you would regret.
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