A Ringing Life

I have something that's all mine:
This heart and blood that
Swirls my  life in time, this
Air I breathe, these
Words  that flow like my life's
Water  going from one small
Tributary to the larger sea.
This is me.  The solitude is a
Life of one, a voice, a thought,
A  movement  of one limb and the
Other  following, eyes that
See the sun and feel the rain
Fall inside my four walls.
Here  is much weather, a forever
Experience that binds me in the
Singular to our collective
Human  life we live in silence,
Noise  and pain. Here, I am
Home   - there is no other place,
No  space, no time, no life
Existing outwith the present
Second ticking.  The past is
Ghosting, future veiled -
I must hold  myself together,
Fuse  all the disparate
Parts into one whole scene that
Makes  sense.  My  words can
Save  my soul.  I languish
In this place and time, bewail
My  adverse  fortune but
Thank  the hand that keeps me here
And  hope  I can wear my skin
A  longer time and hope
I can win this race I'm
Given, and  ring the bell my
Hands  were  shaped to strike.
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