A Moment in the Day

a full flush of sun and the 
arm burn; the grassy spaces 
in the day are festooned 
with arms and legs and 
white dots of cotton - and 
you away on some 
small crag helping a 
child down a rope to 
touch his feet to the 
ground, feel something 
solid beneath his body 
amid the flux of buses 
and taxis, the indifferent 
eyes of his kin

you have won me in 
short time, short order 
and I wonder whether 
our good weather will 
last us through storms 
and hail, tossing seas 
and scarring skin - all

the bodies here are saying
something: that life is
for drinking, the sun
for shining and our
day for the doing, the win,
despite the weather
and disappearing time
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