A Little Herd

You  had a prickly     -.*.: :
feeling of hairfuzz  '  -
rising on the back   -   ..:-
of your neck
as if someone were standing
behind you
as you delved in the
boot of the car
straightening, slowly,
you  turned and
were confronted
with fourteen gleaming
eyes gazing at
you  through the curtain
of rain
in steadfast fashion
twentyeight sturdy
legs stood stock-still as each
owner  munched
compulsive  mouthfuls
of green food,
curly coats heavy
and  sodden in the
downpour;   unconcerned
by their waterlogged
coverings they were  too
interested in you
to care, faces serious
mouths  moving  ceaselessly
green eyes  glinting
as you shut  the
boot, grasped your
parcels and raced
round  the corner of
the house
anxious  to be dry.

Wondering   what you were
and  where you were  headed
the little herd
trotted right behind you
hooves  clipping and
clicking on the
stone road  - little ones
galloping to keep up.  En
masse  they stopped

mouths  busy
necks craned round the corner
ivory heads were
shining in the light
streaming from our front
door staring as you
entered in. You         .
called me through
to wonder at these
woolly friendly things  . = -
with their creamy horns ., 
jutting - they just stood ; =
wondering at these two
stupid humans           .  .
acting the goat.
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