A Hex On You

I smell the earth acknowledge you
Master of growth

I touch water acknowledge you
Rider of the tidal waves

1 see fire acknowledge you
King  of the sun

1 hear the air acknowledge you
Inciter of the hurricane 

I taste these spirits I concoct
From  sulphur, mercury  and salt

Will utilise this alchemy to
Make  you dance  the arcane waltz

Your  elements in harness thus
Then  will I take you by force

You  may  see my colour black
But  1 am blue and gold

I won't allow your freedom
For  you will have no foothold

Then  will I raise forbidden powers
To  make  you mine forever

Subject you, torment you
Till you beg to be delivered

Then  everafter in your life
Whenever  you  see fire

 You  will acknowledge me
The  only object of desire
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