A Film of Fire

Red pink amber
Glow all low all
Distance disappears as
Memory opens into an
Infinitive, a love
Undreamed a man a
Woman a crisp white
Bed shredded with lace
And petals
The sun golden through
Slatted blinds an eternity
Of slim gold bars
This nurturing warmth
The tiny hairs
The silence
All the dear ones in
The mind the heart the
Bone - all gone
Remembered but the
Essence sucked, drained
Lost in time, subdued to
A film reeling in the mind
Reveals those
Real colours of life, all
The red blue green purple
Black sheen of silver the
Beauty the silent
Beauty that splits
The heart and spurs the move
Of time.  I will be no other
Than me, despite my desire.
I am 
The only one.  I reel within 
My own film of fire.
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