A Crescendo in Red

All these red things
I commit to this red-
Speckled book
I write in blood
That flows so
Freely (always has)
For that is my way 
And the sheer anger -
The white of the
Clenched fist tight, hard -
It's all in the seeing
Of the red, the raw redness
Of being.  Then there is love,
The colour of a shaped valentine
Heart that blooms and bursts
Open in confusion it can
Only be red, red, the dark red
Pain deep down burgeoning
Crimson.  And then the pale, paler
Palest red of peace, a cooler
Colour and they all swirl and
Fold like the petals of a
Flower, a growing rose they
Blend and interleave they
Pour pure red onto this plain
Blank page, colours whorling
Deep in their redness they live
And swell with life in pulse and push
And beat, beat, they beat life's
Redness of profusion, a rushing
Redness of heat, of blood, of
Closeness all love all pain all peace all
Release.  May red never cease.
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