celebrate life
celebrate it today
the sky upward
air blustery
blue breezing your

celebrate your breath
life, love
your fragility and
gorgeous blue eyes

your strength and heart
soul, childlike
mind, all the
pain gone down and in

all the good and true
singing in your ears
celebrate that
you are here that

you have won who
knows how many
more years, that
you have conquered the

dark heart, the
horror place, and
walk your days
mermaid on dry land

seaweed taste
on your tongue
savouring of all you had
planned that is

hoped and gone - you
won anyway: time
and sun, walking, breathing,
moving on

celebrate life
the next step
the heavy heart
the part you play

one day clarity will
rise, reflect
your two blue eyes
all you are

and all you've been
will be there
in gold sun

the high far
tor of being
you owned
and climbed

and claimed
against all the world
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