Water Divining

My body has been
Sown with seed and I sprout
Words and words like
Multiple births - you were
Fertile that day your sperm
Busy in their business and
Twitching tails heading for

I received your seed
And planted me
In the earth to see what would
Come up.  And here I did.
All I am: not young
But treeing all the time
As my rings
Multiply like soundings

Taken in deep water
And rills spreading outward
Each time you
Dip your hand.  Your
Finger stirs me like
Water being disturbed
And the mud, churning,
Rises to cloud my being,

Its busy grains 
Mixing me up.  I respond
To your agitation
Of my fluid self, the 
Ripples you cause
Unsettling me until I
Writhe and word my
Days, dowse and dowse them.

I am your slave, your
Handmaid who
Obeys you and is
Pleased so to do.  I am faithful
Water for you to
Use as your heart wishes -
To sail or walk on, cause

Storms to rise, churn and
Plumb my living depths - I am
All yours for your
Purposes - an offering
Of water for your lips to assuage your
Burning thirst.
I am here to slake it,

Give you peace and
Rest in my cool
Waters.  I am
Limitless in these
Depths of swaying
Fluid health all
Tide and moving swell.  I am
The living water in your well.
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