The Space Between

The space between the sunlight and the silence
touches my skin
your breath and the greening grass
breathe into my pores
I inhale the day and eat treebark
rough path, shadows.

My watch moves as I stay still
and the dark patches creep around me

Sturdy body, strong feet, hands on gate
eyes only move: cows sheep
quiet eating animals, peaceful day

and with the hour my skin moves on
my limbs work just that fraction less
and my footsoles thin.

Shifting land - hills where none had been
rivers bending, eating earth, leaving
banks behind, trees grow tall
and cast themselves on a thousand winds.

Your voice echoes in my heart
and the spending of time
lavished on the moment, hoarded gold,
floats gently in the summer breeze
as if it had never been -

the space between the sunlight and the silence
touching my skin.
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