Earth and Fire

But my feet are anchored, rooted,
toes squeeze loam, drink-in, blister
burst and seep, biodegradable man
sole-worn, warm, ivy growth
clambering ankles, grass about the calves
rising still.

And deep in: the stoking: coal
the boiler wants 
fed in endless shovelling - red hunger mouth
of need, muscle, movement -
the sweat, the push, the dig, the throw, the greed.

And the fire never out,
never low, never dies,
and far up in the light the green crown swaying
and higher still the sun is coursing,
blood all boil, all burn and seething flare.

Again far down, below, under and within
the feet go deeper still
rooting down and down to 
where white flowers begin
where tiny, unknown tongues
sip at fire.
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