A Trick of the Light

Perhaps it was a trick of the light
my eyes saw
as the beams slid past glimmering

perhaps it was a trick of the green
the world's forests breathing, exhaling, white mists rising
ferns uncurling in silence

perhaps it was a trick of the skin
smooth, warm, fragrance of early morning
heartbeat fragile and love held
in crystal so beautiful, so easy to shatter

perhaps it was a trick of the grief
the gap, the empty space, the echoing
and the dumb forlorn heart-pain

or if it was a trick of Spring
new air, drying land, the
budding, and the chance to re-begin?

The answer didn't come - just the long
slow stand, in silence, looking
up at the sky, moving clouds

and the sun breaking through the heavens
as if it would part the earth
with light.
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